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more about rafael

Rafael's work plays on perspective. He paints people, places, and animals using exaggerated viewpoints. His inspirations are jazz music, sign-painting, hand-drawn animations, and comic books. Most of his work is created with aerosol, acrylic, and enamel paints.  

follow his work: @rafikigram

projects he likes: sign painting, window painting, interior & exterior murals, large canvases or substrates 

Graduated from Herron School of Art + Design 2020

BFA in Illustration, Minor in Art History

Associates in Visual Communications

Rafael Caro and Erica Parker

have been painting murals for almost 10 years combined. Their first collaboration was in 2016 after working individually towards the same goal of becoming a professional muralist.

Their work can be seen around Indianapolis, IN and the surrounding region including Chicago, IL and Cincinnati, OH. They enjoy traveling to new places and connecting with other artists and communities through their projects. 

In 2021, they initiated Chromatic Collective with the help of their artist circle. This brick-and-mortar location serves the community by giving emerging artists and performers a space to sell and showcase their work - with more creative freedom than a typical gallery setting. They also provide specialty supplies that artists need for their studio work (ie. professional spray paint, illustration needs, and block printing supplies). 

more about erica

Erica's studio work is full of character and vibrant colors. She is inspired by color theory, anime styles, and graffiti. Most of her artwork is created with aerosol, acrylic, and paint marker. 

follow her work: @vivrant_thaang

projects she likes: set backdrops and design, interior and exterior murals, large canvases or substrates, window painting

Graduated from Herron School of Art + Design 2016

BFA in Integrative Studio Practices



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Do you only do outdoor murals? 

No, we paint interior walls too! We prep interior spaces before we begin painting to prevent "over-spray" from damaging the room. It is recommended that the interior space has good ventilation to help with the aerosol aroma (it doesn't linger for long, promise!). 

Do you travel for projects?

We enjoy traveling to different cities for murals and other projects. New sites keep us feeling fresh. Meeting other artists as we travel is an added benefit. 

How much does a mural cost? 

The cost of murals vary by project. Our starting rate is $10/sq foot to include the cost of designing the artwork, making alternations, supplies and materials, and time painting the artwork. Factors that play into the cost of mural: amount of prep work needed, total square footage of the area, amount of detail required for the artwork.


What other surfaces do you paint? 

We can paint on many different surfaces including: windows, box trucks, food trucks, and even large canvases. Smaller projects can be requested.

When are you going to paint my mural?

Projects are painted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Exterior murals are weather-dependent, but are usually completed within 2 weeks at maximum (depending on the scale of the project). Exterior mural season runs through Mar/Apr - Oct/Nov. 

Deposits are required before work can begin a project. Consultations are always free! 


clients we've worked with

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